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Four serial ports
  Com 1: PC direct / Modem communication
Com 2: Scanner, remote printer and slip printer
Com 3: Remote display, remote printer or slip printer
Com 4: Remote printer or slip printer
In-line ports
Selectable CASIO In-line cable or CAT5 cable.
The TE-7000S and TE-8500F Inline added capability to use LAN cable "CAT5" make it easy and simple wiring since "CAT5"(category5) cable is widely used for these days.
  Arcnet with CASIO Inline cable
Arcnet with CAT5 cable with In-line terminator on/off switch
Dallas key
Optional device for the operator identification.
  Customer display
Pop up customer display with 10 digits numeric LED.
Optional customer display with 2 lines x 20 alpha numeric display.
Option List
Model Name
CLK-K22 Dallas Clerk key kit (6 clerks)
UP-370 External thermal type printer
PS-180 Power supply unit for Epson TM-88 thermal printer
MDL-11 Multi-drawer kit
QT-2061S Pole for QT-2163D
QT-2162S 5m cable set for remote display
QT-2163D Remote display
SH-KIT10 Sheet holder kit (No.3 to 4) one holder (TE-8500F)
SP-1300 Slip printer
PRT-CB-8C Slip printer cable
PRL-CB-2 PC link cable

Casio TE 7000s

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